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I did not fall off of a cliff.

Posted in art, pet portrait with tags , , , on April 12, 2009 by Cherie

So guess what? Life happened. This is why I always stop painting. It’s because of life. 🙂 I don’t even know where to begin or where I left off. So I’ll just spare ya’ the details since this is supposed to be about painting, right?

Just so you know, I didn’t COMPLETELY stop painting. I had to do a secret painting for my friend Heather (who has an awesome blog for anyone interested in nutrition, yoga and healthy eating). She wanted a dog portrait of her two pups, Radley and Einstein, as a birthday present for her hubby Chris. As much as I love these two dogs, I had a very hard time working on this one. With their jet black coats and a terrible print job from my printer, I just couldn’t see the variations in lighting. Einstein, the dog on the right, was the hardest. He was ending up with a pig nose and a white mustache and soooo not looking like his cute self. Radley, the dog on the left, was somehow developing a scarf. Very weird.

I would find myself leaning the painting up in different rooms and just stare at it…say angry things at it… and then hope the art fairy would fix it. Sadly it was left up to me. In the end, this is what I delivered to my friend. It’s not perfect, but I hope it made Chris smile on his birthday. Happy Birthday, Chris!

Radley and Einstein

Radley and Einstein