About Cherie Pilliod

Me in CaliforniaIt’s 2009. Yippee. Time for resolutions. Lose some weight. Check. Eat healthy. Check. Get married. Uh… [awkward silence.] Ok, quick, something else.

How about I get back into painting. Check.

OK, I can do this. But first things first. I have to start a blog. Confused? I know. It doesn’t make sense.  Maybe I should give you a little more background.

Being an art major, it has always been a dream of mine to have my own art show. I’m not referring to a fancy shmancy buy-my-$30,000-piece-of-art show. No, I’m thinking small here. I’m thinkin’ of  just a regular Mom and Pop location. I’m thinkin’…coffee.

Yes, a coffee shop.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a coffee shop and wonder, “How can I get my paintings hung up here?” Problem is, I never have enough pieces to hang. I always give them away or I’m not sure if they would like them.

Enough is enough.

Here’s my goal: I’m going to spend this year making a few pieces to hopefully find hanging up in my local coffee shop. Who knows…maybe they’ll be in YOUR coffee shop. I don’t even care if I sell a thing. I just want it to be hanging on a nail so I can say, “Look. I did that. Now you’ll have to look it at while you sip on your cup of joe.”

This blog is to keep me motivated and focused on this goal. I’m not sure what I’ll write about since this is all new to me. But stay tuned to find out. It could be interesting…I hope.

Hopefully by the end of 2009, I’ll have that art show. Even if I get just one painting hanging in the corner somewhere, I’ll probably send out postcards to come see it.

On with the show…




6 Responses to “About Cherie Pilliod”

  1. YEA!! Can’t wait to see them. I will be saving up my moolah so maybe I can buy one! 🙂

  2. you’ve made a great choice for a piece for your first painting.. 😉

  3. Great start! I like your banner painting of yourself with the cup of coffee and I recognize the photo from this summer. I am looking forward to coming to the opening of your art show.

  4. Louis Pilliod Says:

    Dad and Mom say Good for you!! Love

  5. I love that you are getting inspired to paint more! It’s inspiring just to see someone set real goals…and I know that you can do it! You are so talented!

  6. Kristina Westberry Says:

    Cherie….Tam sent me a link to YOU! I am so excited about you!! Love the painting, the blog, the site, your painting, your dog, all of it! Well done!

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