Spooky House or Fun House?

Spooky House or Fun House?

In the latest challenge for Different Strokes from Different Folks, the subject was this beautiful San Francisco Victorian home. I was eager to get started.

This time, I decided to paint a little larger than the last one: 8″x10″. I started sketching and painting right away. But then there came the windows, the lines, the angles, the roof, etc. Ugh. I could’t seem to paint a straight line for the life of me. Trying to define the architecture and angles, this became more outlined than I’m used to. Then my angles got all distorted and I thought, “This looks like something from Dr. Seuss.” All I needed to do was add Little Miss Cindy Lou. 

However, I still like it. It turned out to be a fun experiment. As I try to get back into painting, projects like this help me find my style and paint stroke again (or at least improve it). So for that, I’m thankful.

Be sure to check out the original photo and what other artists did with this challenge by clicking here. It’s always fun to see how others interpret a photo. There are some great ones!


6 Responses to “Spooky House or Fun House?”

  1. I like your interpretation and your blog about it!

  2. doing these is sometimes the hard part. You did a great job. Haven’t even started mine !

  3. Fun, not spooky! I love the colors, and I’m drawn to the tree/bush to the left of the house. Another beauty Cherie!

  4. When I go to DSFDF I keep revisiting this painting so it must mean you’ve been able to capture something that connects with me. Great job.

  5. Thank you, Dana, Dominique, Heather-Pie and Sheila, for your kind words. It was fun to paint and love what everyone came up with for this challenge.

  6. I have put your Jefferson monument and victorian house from DSFDF into my favorites list…you did quite well. I, too, had problems with the curves, angles and perspectives of the Victorian house. I see you just started your blog, but it looks good. If you run out of words…visit mine…I’ve got plenty to spare. And…being in Costa Rica, I can certainly identify with coffee…one of the major food groups. I’d offer my blog visitors a cup of the best coffee in the world, but I haven’t figured out how to attach it.

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