Different Strokes from Different Folks

With my new journey in the world of blogging, I ran across one called “Different Strokes from Different Folks” started by artist Karin Jurick (who I mentioned in a previous post). The blog’s purpose is to have monthly (I think monthly) challenges where artists submit their interpretation of a selected photo. The current challenge involves a night scene in Washington D.C. of the Jefferson Memorial and it is due today, January 21st. I discovered this, oh, two days ago. Yikes! But I was inspired by the challenge and couldn’t wait to get home and work on it.

Here is what I submitted this morning:

Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.

Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.

With yesterday’s historic inauguration, it seemed fitting to be working on a subject located in Washington. This was different for me to paint for two reasons: it was really small (5″x7″) and it was a night scene.

To see what other artists submitted (and the original photo), click here. I’m not sure when my image will be up there, but hopefully I submitted it properly and it will be posted soon.

Side note: Ever notice how photos bring out everything you didn’t see before? I like this painting so much better in person. But staring at the photo, I keep looking at that crazy blue line by the road (lower left). It’s bugging me. In person, I never even noticed it. Oh well.


9 Responses to “Different Strokes from Different Folks”

  1. Cherie, you’re amazing. I can’t believe you just busted out such a beautiful painting so fast! You must post the link when it’s up on the site. I’m so proud of you – all this painting. You’re doing it!

  2. Cherie,

    Your work is beautiful! I like the way you painted the night sky. The variety of interpretations by the other artists is quite interesting.


  3. Cherie, that’s awesome. I can’t believe you knocked that out so quickly. Paint on, girl!


  4. Are you kidding me? It takes me 15 minutes just to draw stick figures for my patients! That’s awesome! It will be cool to have something to remember the ’09 inauguration.

  5. Welcome to Different Strokes from Different Folks, very nice painting, love your colors and sky!

    I am new at blogging also and this is my third painting for DSFDF. Karin will be posting another photo tonight. It’s usually every 2 weeks. I can’t wait to see what it will be.

    Your dog reminds me on my dog with all her mischief. Can’t wait to see your painting of her.

  6. Love your DSFDF Jeff’s Mem. I hope to see your take on the next challenge too!…. Darn, I would have loved your birdfeeder painting!

  7. Nice painting! I like the way you got the reflection in the tall trees on the left. I painted them in mine, but cropped them off.

  8. I like your painting and I like your goal! Coffee shops are a great place to show art. Salons (as in beauty) can be pretty good, too (a captive returning audience). Good luck with your plans!

  9. Kristina Westberry Says:

    Cherie, I spent a good bit of time perusing the artist challenges posed by Karin Jurick. Of course, I like your submissions best! As someone with NO artistic talent at all, I am absolutely enthralled by the dozens of different impressions that the various artists see when they look at the photos. Amazing! Fascinating! Thanks for sharing your world with me!

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