1/17/09 – More painting on a cold day

It’s really cold outside today. I mean, frigid. After fighting through the New Years Resolution crowd at the gym this morning, I came home to my painting. It’s still looking a bit cartoony to me, but hopefully in time and with layers, my desired effect will come through. 

Birdhouse painting - Day 2

Birdhouse painting - Day 2

On another subject, you might notice in the right hand side that I linked to Karin Jurick. I ran across her blog through this article posted about “Different Strokes from Different Folks Portrait Swap.” It’s an interesting year-end challenge where different artists submit pictures of themselves and fellow artists paint each other’s portraits. It’s so fun to see the different styles out there. 

american_artist_magSo from that article, I discovered Karin Jurik, went to her blog and posted a comment that I really liked her painting style and colors. No big deal, right? But last night, I was looking through the latest American Artist magazine and noticed that her artwork was on the front cover! 

I felt like an idiot! Here I am, “Little Miss Cup of Joe Art Show” telling her to keep up the good work. Apparently she doesn’t need my encouragement. haha… I guess I should feel good knowing that American Artist agrees she’s an amazing painter. Check it out for yourself.


2 Responses to “1/17/09 – More painting on a cold day”

  1. Just goes to show you have excellent taste. 🙂

  2. Karin is wonderful. I try to read her blog daily. She’s inspired me to try painting human studies.

    btw, love your dog.

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