1/11/09 – Locked out in the cold

kOne of my favorite Christmas gifts given to me this year was a bird feeder. This wasn’t just any bird feeder. It was a homemade bird feeder. Seeing it hanging outside in the sun, I thought it would make a great subject for my first painting. I snapped a few pictures and I downloaded them to my computer.

Here is my favorite one:

Photo for my first painting

Photo for my first painting

While sketching out the picture, I noticed in the photo that part of the bird feeder was broken off. I looked outside my window at the bird feeder and sure enough, a piece was missing. Sadly, I already knew this. Two weeks ago, I dropped it while trying to hang it on its new branch and unfortunately a piece broke off the side. I gasped when it originally happened for obvious reasons and tried to fix it immediately. I thought it was OK after I glued it back on, but apparently it was not.

So I stepped outside to inspect it more closely and the door slams behind me. Guess what – it was also locked. Yes, I got locked outside. I have no coat on, really bad crazy hair and I’m wearing fuzzy slippers. Awesome. (This is probably why my neighbors never talk to me. I’m the weird lady.) By some miracle, I had my cell phone in my pocket and was able to get a hold of my sister for a key. An hour later, I was back inside! Amen!!


I didn’t get back to my painting. Instead, I went to see Gran Torino. So I’ll have to get back to my painting tomorrow. I’m tuckered out and sort of not feeling well. Hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things tomorrow night.


One Response to “1/11/09 – Locked out in the cold”

  1. Hilarious…weird neighbor girl. However, I’m sorry you got locked out…yesterday was FREEZING. Sister to the rescue…yay! I can’t tell the birdhouse is broken. Looks good in the picture…can’t wait to see your painting. Happy Monday. 🙂

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